Extraordinary heat-sensitive stationery


If a company’s branding materials should seek to leave a mark, then Austrian design studio Bureau Rabensteiner has more than met the challenge with a recent client project.

Using thermo-sensitive black ink, these visionary creatives have fashioned a dynamic stationery set for Vienna-based photo rep and producer Natalie Daniels. The black varnish color fades at body temperature, so whenever an item is handled, an image is produced. Pulling a card from your wallet leaves finger prints. Pressing a postcard up to your mouth leaves a lip mark.

Perhaps the cleverest piece in the collection is the Polaroid-shaped business cards that “develop” in the hand of the card holder, creating ever-developing snaps. Simply meet a prospective client, make the card exchange, and voila — a literal and figurative impression is made.

The amazing interactive element of this simple idea is both playful and intelligent. While most business cards are discarded after the working week, or sooner, these are amongst the select few that will be held onto, and even passed around. What more could a budding business hope for?

How else could thermo-sensitive ink be used in design? What other innovative stationery have you seen lately? Let us know in the comments.

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