Minimalist Monday – 50 Awesome Minimalist Book Covers

Hello creatives! It’s Minimalist Monday once again and today we showcase how minimalism has conquered our libraries at home, school or office through the covers of our favorite books. Most of us would agree that a well designed book cover plays an important role in its success. And as designers, we would most probably judge a book by its cover.

Minimalist book covers are oftentimes characterized by less graphics and colors, use of simple typography and images and less content. The combination of these characteristics comprises an effective minimalist book cover that is striking enough to convince every reader to flip through its pages.

Below are 50 of the most amazing minimalist book covers out there for your inspiration or your reference for the next addition to your growing library of awesome reads!

An Ethics Of Interrogation | Designer: Isaac Tobin | Source

Capture The Flag | Designer: David Drummond | Source

Navigators Of The Contemporary | Designer: Isaac Tobin | Source

The Crow’s Vow| Designer: David Drummond | Source

The Storm | Designer: Barbara De Wilde | Source

Pale Fire | Designer: Stephen Doyle | Source

The Eye | Designer: John Gall | Source

Americans In Paris | Designer: Number 17 | Source

Sono: Cantos | Designer: Peter Mendelsund | Source

The Sunset Limited | Designer: Chip Kidd™ | Source

Columbine | Designer: Henry Sene Yee | Source

Writings From The Zen Masters | Designer: Alistair Hall | Source

Googled | Designers: Ben Wiseman and Christopher Brand | Source

Revolution And War | Designer: David Pearson | Source

Locke 1928 | Designer: Gabriele Wilson | Source

Last Last Chance | Designer: Henry Sene Yee | Source

Peace | Designer: Helen Yentus | Source

The Weight Of Nothing | Designer: John Fulbrook III | Source

These Granite Islands | Designer: John Fulbrook III | Source

Four Days In November | Designer: Greg Mollica | Source

Falling Man: A Novel | Designer: John Fulbrook III | Source

Under Sleep | Designer: Chip Kidd™ | Source

No One Belongs Here More Than You | Designer: John Fulbrook III | Source

The Life You Can Save | Designer: Thomas Beck Stvan | Source

The Summer Of The Ubume | Designer: Triboro | Source

Material Material | Designer: Kyle Poff | Source

Sweet Bird Of Youth | Designer: John Gall | Source

Clown Girl | Designer: Pinch | Source

Short Short Stories | Designer: Supermundane | Source

Three Trips | Designer: Romek Marber | Source

Wet Apples, White Blood | Designer: David Drummond | Source

Leviathan | Designer: Leo Nickolls | Source

The Kingdom Of Infinite Space | Designer: Thomas Starr | Source

Reasons To Be Cheerful | Illustrator: Barney Bubbles | Source

Schild’s Ladder | Designer: Emma Wallace | Source

God: A Biography | Designer: Michael Bierut | Source

The Body: A Novel | Designers: Tamara Shopsin and Paul Sahre | Source

Bush On The Couch | Designer: Rodrigo Corral | Source

Angry Candy | Designer: David Blankenship | Source

Just After Sunset: Stories | Typeface: Matrix | Source

Bodies | Designer: Henry Sene Yee | Source

Imprint | Designer: Daniel Eatock | Source

The Manly Modern | Designer: David Drummond | Source

The Book Of Dead Philosophers | Designer: John Gall | Source

Crooked Little Vein | Designer: Siege | Source

Bad Monkeys | Designer: Will Staehle | Source

The Spirit Of St. Louis | Designers: Paul Sahre and Tamara Shopsin | Source

Can I Have A Word With You? |  Designer: David Drummond | Source

The Abomination | Designer: Chip Kidd™ | Source

Faithful | Designer: Gray318 | Source

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